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Often referred to by the Turkana people as ‘Anam Ka’alakol, meaning the sea of many fish, Lake Turkana is a hidden gem in the desert. Lake Turkana and its surroundings are beautiful irrespective of the desert temperatures. It is located in Northern Kenya and should be on your list of places to visit. This because, Lake Turkana accords you a chance to experience something different from what other travel destinations that we are used to, have to offer. One beautiful place that is the reward of a challenging but also equally rewarding journey. Lake Turkana is a beautiful lake. In fact, it is one of a kind.

Here is what makes Lake Turkana one of the most fascinating tourist attractions in Kenya;

It is the largest permanent desert lake in the world: Those are two exceptional facts that act as stand-alone points as well. It is a permanent desert lake and the biggest desert lake in the entire universe. How astounding. It has a length of 300 kilometers and a width of 50 kilometers.

Lake Turkana borders Chalbi desert, and its eastern and southern shores are characterized by outcrops and rocky shores, while dunes, spits and flats are on the west and north. It also has the largest population of Nile crocodiles in the world.

At an altitude of only 300 meters above sea level, Lake Turkana is one of the hottest places in Kenya (and the world0, with temperatures in the region often reaching 50 degrees.

It has three national parks: Sibiloi National Park lies on the eastern shore of Lake Central Island National Park, and is located on Central Island, also known as Nile Island. It is characterized by craters and cones, and three of them are filled by small lakes. It is considered as the largest breeding ground for the largest concentration of Nile crocodiles in the world.

Crocodiles usually breed on the shores of the Island’s crater lakes between the months of April and May. The lake also has a large population of water turtles, while the island has a campsite, from where visitors can watch the sun set over lake, which is quite picturesque.

Lastly, is the Southern Island National Park which, together with the two mentioned above, form the three Lake Turkana National Parks, which are run by the Kenya Wildlife Service.