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About Entebbe

Sitting on a peninsula in Lake Victoria less than an hour's drive south of Kampala, Entebbe is a pleasant town of 80,000 inhabitants. Once the capital of Uganda during British colonial rule, the town continues to host the official residence of the president, a small number of ministries, and UN missions. Entebbe is often the first town in Uganda visitors see since it is also where the international airport ('EBB') is located.

Due to its small size and relative low level of development, Entebbe retains a distinct charm. Most of the broad tree-lined residential streets will eventually lead you to the lakeside or to one of the town's two golf courses.

Entebbe has a few attractions of its own that are worth your time and these include the Botanical Garden an excellent place to relax and observe nature, The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre set on the shores of Lake Victoria which boasts a variety of indigenous wildlife housed in natural setting, Uganda Reptile Valley found on the edge of a village just north of Entebbe, Chimpanzee Sanctuary situated on a small rainforetsed Ngamba Island as this sanctuary provides the perfect habitat for the rehabilitation of chimpanzees and the Sunset Cruise on Lake Victoria one of the largest lakes in the world.