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About Jinja

Uganda is centered around Jinja on the shores of Lake Victoria. A bustling agricultural and industrial town, Jinja is Uganda’s second largest town roughly 90,000 people after Kampala, Uganda's capital and a major marketing center for the country’s southern region. The town offers a variety of recreational facilities for tourists and residents alike but is also renowned as the “Source of the Nile”, the world’s longest river. It is from here that the Nile begins its majestic journey to the Mediterranean, 6700 kilometers away.

Jinja is approximately one hour’s drive from Kampala making it an easy reach the tourist sites in the town. Jinja has a vibrant downtown and broad leafy residential streets set next to the Nile River.

Tourism has grown to compete with the manufacturing past of the town as nearby watersports draw visitors from all around. Here you can get your fix of kayaking, whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, horseback riding, mountain biking, Jet Boat up Rapids of the Nile, Sunset Cruise and All Terrain Quad Bike Safari along the Nile among others.

There is a variety of accommodation available in and around the town, ranging from basic camping to mid-priced hotels and up market accommodation.

No safari to Uganda would be complete without truly experiencing the Nile from its source.