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We know the beautiful of our country and take pride and pleasure in sharing her incredible wealth of natural beauty with you. We have experience and a track record of excellent service and will ensure your comfort on your adventure. With Signature Tours and Travel Ltd, you Travel with confidence.

1. Knowledge of our Products

Signature Tours and Travel Ltd are specialists; we sell the East African tourist attractions as well as other destinations and we know our products extremely well.

2. Experience and Trustworthiness

Our company has been providing tour services thus gained a reputation of an expert in the tourism market. Our travel consultants are experienced in accommodating both the seasoned traveler and those new to the world of travel.

3. Friendly and Qualified Stuff

All the members of our team are passionate about their work and always ready to help. We all enjoy travelling and believe that Uganda is a great travel destination for you to explore. Just get in touch with us and we will assist you with planning a trip to Uganda as well as other destinations.

4. Best Price, no Hidden Fees

We are glad to offer our clients the best rates on our tours, transfers and other services. Due to direct contracts with all our suppliers, our prices are always relevant and affordable.

5. Variety of Tours and Programs

We are proud of our selection of tours around Uganda and others destinations because they have no analogues in the market. Whether you want to make a multi-day trip to the East African destinations or just enjoy a fascinating trip to any destination of your choice, with us you will always find what you are looking for.

6. High level of service

Our clients’ satisfaction is our priority. That is why we work only with the best transport companies, qualified tour-guides, hotels and restaurants.

7. Personal approach to each client

We understand that there is no unique way to make a perfect journey that everyone will like because each person has his or her special needs and desires. We always listen to you first and then suggest the travel solution that is the best for you.

8. Openness and Availability

Whenever you need us, we are always there for you. You can easily contact us on e-mail or by phone, or follow us on Facebook and other social media platforms. We are happy to have you as a part of our community.